(Release notes)

TagsForAll 4.2.4

An excellent solution based on tags/keywords for streamlining the access to images, documents, photos, books, multimedia content, and so on.

The advantage of organizing files via tags\keywords is having a more flexible way of searching among similar files by using criteria that are less precise and more intuitive than the full path.

The "FastTagsAccess" feature provide extremely fast access to tagged files.


VocabularyExpander 2.8.0

The VocabularyExpander is an software based on flash cards which will allow you memorize new foreign words very quickly and effortlessly. The gist of this application is set of exercises based on repetition of words translation using smart algorithm to facilitate more strong memorization.
The Vocabulary Expander supports audio pronunciation as well. So you will be able not only expand your literal vocabulary but also train your listening comprehension and pronunciation by recording and playing your voice.


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